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Remote Computing with Quantrac

There are several ways Quantrac can be used remotely from owners' homes, service vans, management vehicles, or even when out of the state. We have received many inquiries asking,  "How does HVAC Office software meet the emerging technology of remote computing and PDAs?

We are happy to report that HVAC Office  "Quantrac 2011" are both compatible with remote computing. In fact, there is nothing additional that a client must purchase from Quantrac Corporation in order to enjoy the advantages of remote operation. With Microsoft Windows Server Professional (a network and Internet-service operating system) Quantrac's HVAC Office operates seamlessly from any remote site with Internet access, whether from a service van, motel room, secondary offices, or homes. 

But this is not the only method to go "remote":
Many companies are using "Remote Access" to make Quantrac available in the field.  One or more computers in the home office can run any of the Remote Access client software packages (such at Team Viewer) which will allow operation of the computer(s) via remote control in the field.  Some Quantrac users have installed one or more "bare bones" computers (no monitor, keyboard, or mouse) onto their offices LAN and run remote access applications.  Field users run remote access on their pads or notebooks and with accepted credentials, log directly in to the local network and operate Quantrac as if they were in the office.  Quantrac security allows for permissions to access only those functions in Quantrac that are desired in the field. 

1. Technicians can operate laptops in their service vehicles as if they were in the main office. This application is great for completing service tickets "on line" and even creating invoices that can be emailed or printed immediately back at the office or printed in the service van.
2. Business owners can operate from their homes after hours, weekends, holidays, etc. as if they were sitting in their office.
3. On-Call personnel can operate from their homes as if they were sitting in their office.
4. Business owners can operated from hotel rooms, friends homes, airports, or wherever Internet access is available to watch and interact with business activity when called out of town (for business or pleasure).

Quantrac's HVAC Office will operate seamlessly using Microsoft's "Remote Access" technology. The dealership office must have at least one Quantrac workstation on the LAN with Internet access. Any state-of-the-art laptop can be used as a remote workstation as long as it has an Internet Connection. Microsoft Win-8 and Win-10  includes Remote Access software.

Additional licensing of workstations from Quantrac Corporation is not required (unless the user wishes to use more than currently licensed workstations simultaneously).  If more workstation licenses are needed, they can be purcased one at a time or our "Unlimited" licenses is available at a discount to our subscribers.  

Remote Access expands the abilities of Quantrac Corporation's software, making your dealership operate more efficiently. It is safe, secure, reliable, and fast. In fact, our users report that it can even have quicker response times than in-office peer-to-peer workstations. This is especially true when the workstation is utilizing a DSL or Cable TV internet connection.

How to get started?
Email me a ken@quantrac.com for details. I'll be happy to help. 

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