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Quantrac 2010, Release 10.0 is complete!

We have completed the programming, debugging, and testing HVAC Office R10. You will enjoy the following changes, additions, and new features of our highly-respected program. The following is a list of some of the new features and improvements:

New Features and Improvements

1. Customer Name Address Copy to Clipboard: This gives the user the ability to copy the customer’s name, address, city, state, zip to clipboard with one click so that the information can be pasted into any document, email, etc.

2. Attachments Save to Hard Drive: This gives the ability to save attachments to a location on the user’s hard drive.

3. Installation Templates: We have organized Templates into Categories and Subcategories, with the ability to add/edit/delete Cats and SubCats.

4. Installation Templates: Widen the description so more of the descriptive data can be seen.

5. Invoice Credit Card Feature: A new “Credit Card” button is on all three invoice forms to streamline credit card payments and recording.

a. The button will glow green if customer credit card information exists in the Customer, Accounting, Credit Card Info form.
b. Clicking this button will cause the credit card information in the customer’s Accounting Parameters to be displayed or for the ability to enter new credit card data.
c. Created a button on the Customer Accounting Credit Card form that is visible only if an invoice form is on the screen: “Copy CC to Office Notes”. That button pastes the selected CC info into the Invoice Office Notes.
d. Added security for the Edit Button on the new form with to edit, add, or delete entries
e. Added security to edit, add, or delete entries in the new CC form.
f. Added security to the Credit Card button on the Invoice form.

6. Punctuation in Customer Name: We have addressed the punctuation issue where when you insert punctuation into the Name field causes the system to generate an Access error.

7. Vehicle Report: Added the Vin number to the Vehicle report.

8. Customer Accounting Parameters: Added a field in Customer, which will contain “Reason for Alert” text. When Call Supervisor in Customer Accounting has been enabled, information in this 255-character field will inform the user why the Alert was initiated. When enabled, creation of a Service Call, Installation, or Sales Lead will cause the Reason for Alert to appear on the screen on top of everything.

9. Customer Accounting Parameters: Currently, the Alerts come up if you create a Service Call or Installation for selected customers. We added another parameter, “When Creating Invoices” to alert of invoicing issues you might have.

10. Customer Invoice Tax Default: For Customer invoices only, the tax rate will default to the Company’s city and Sales Tax into the Sales Tax field.

11. Jobsite History: All Active and Archived Service Calls are displayed in Jobsite History instead of only service call history. This aids in tracking problems through history, including present Service Calls. Active calls are sorted at the top of the list.

12. Jobsite Service History Key Word Search: We have added the ability to search selected Service History of a particular jobsite for key word or phrase and build a list of those calls so the operator can thumb through them to find the desired call. There’s now a search field with a “search” button on the Jobsite History form.

13. Maintenance Contracts: We added “Notes” to Maintenance Contracts form (just like in Service Calls, Sales Leads, etc.) so that special instructions can be recorded.

14. Equipment Costs Form: We enlarged the Equipment Costs form and made it a bigger font type.

15. Finance Charges: We have added 2 new reports, “Outstanding finance chares” and “Paid finance charges”.

16. Parts Inventory- PO’s: We have added an option to automatically generate po’s for items that are under the reorder quantity rather than having to print a report and enter all the parts manually.

17. Sales Quotes: We have addressed the issue with Invoice items re-arranging the order that you add them into the sales quotes. We added a ID auto number that will keep in the order you add them. This number is only viewable in Quantrac and will not print up on the actual sales quote.

18. New Carrier Corporation Floor Plan Term: They’ve added 9-month floor plan terms to the old 30 day, 60 day, 90 day, 120 day, and 180 day. We have added into the combo box “270 day” floor plan.

19. NOTES Report:
We have added a report for the “Notes” field that shows up in Service Calls, Installations, etc. We put a “Report” button on the Notes form that only shows up when you open Notes from an Installation. The form should have the Customer, Jobsite Address, and then the notes information.

20. Sales Leads Scheduler: We have added a simple full-screen calendar scheduler for Sales Leads. The Sales Leads Ca large full-form calendar that uses the date and time in the Sales Lead to make an entry into the calendar. Double-click on the entry in the calendar to go directly to the Sales Lead.

These are only a few of the improvements we have included in HVAC Office, Release 10.0. Our internal document lists well over 100 improvements, customer-requested changes, minor annoyance fixes, and new features. It is to your advantage to keep your software current and state-of-the-art to avoid problems with out-dated or obsolete software. We take seriously our commitment to keep Quantrac’s software the most desired program in the HVAC industry.

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