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Quantrac 2005, Release 9.0 is complete!

We have completed the programming, debugging, and testing HVAC Office R9.0. You will enjoy the following changes, additions, and new features of our highly-respected program. The following is a list of some of the new features and improvements:

New Features and Improvements

A. Multiple Sales Quotes per Sales Lead: This new feature gives users the ability to create multiple sales quotes per sales lead, Good, Better, Best, etc. We have worked to make it as easy, simple, and user-friendly as possible.

B. Employee Vacation Calculator: The employee vacation calculator is for the calculation of accrued vacation and recording of employee vacation time taken.

C. Invoices: The ability to tax Invoice items for each line item either by Price or Cost.

D. Invoice Email Options: When the user emails an invoice, Quantrac will print one copy with the "Print Copy of Email" box checked.

E. Accounting Functional Report: We have added a functional Aged Receivable Form (not a printed report) that uses the same algorithms at the Ages Receivables Report but with the ability to call up (double-click) on any entry to pen the selected customer/Invoice directly.

D. Text Messaging: The ability to Text Message to email addresses (email capable mobile phones, etc.)

E. Sales Leads & Job Costing: The ability to tax Invoice items in Sales Quote and Job Costing for each line item either by Price or Cost.

F. Sales Leads: Added a "Sales Notes" tab in Sales Leads. When a installation is created these notes will be transferred to the notes field in the Installation.

G. User Security (Employee Reports): Employee pay and performance require user security.

H. Customer Accounting: The ability to add customer credit card information with user securities.

I. Equipment Zones: Added a new field to Equipment Zones for "Areas Served". This enhancement is so the user can log the offices or areas served by the equipment zones for better identification of the equipment.

J. Jobsite History: Added Sales Leads History to Jobsite History.

K. Jobsite Sales Leads: When the user adds a new Sales Lead for an existing jobsite, Quantrac will warn the user if a sales lead for that Jobsite already exists. The user can choose to look at the History or add the Sales Lead without looking at history.

L. And much, much more.

These are only a few of the improvements we have included in HVAC Office, Release 9.0. Our internal document lists well over 100 improvements, customer-requested changes, bug fixes, and new features. It is to your advantage to keep your software current and state-of-the-art to avoid problems with out-dated or obsolete software. We take seriously our commitment to keep Quantrac's software the most desired program in the HVAC industry.

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