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Latest HVAC Office 9.0 Revision

Quantrac Corporation is releasing the latest revision of HVAC Office for all current 9.0 user's.

Aug 30, 2005 R9-587

  • Sales Quotes, Special Quote: Fixed issue with text from a Sales Quote that is priced using Special Quote pricing calculation is not being copied into the Installation Jobcost Proposal field when an Installation is created.
  • Installation Jobcost: Fixed issue when you create an installation from a Sales Lead that has a Sales Quote with price calculation via Special Quote, the Special Quote field in the Installation Jobcost is blank.
  • Callahan Roach Revenue Analysis Report: Fixed report generating erroneous data. It appeared to be taking the first line-item quantity of the first invoice in the report date range and applying that quantity to all line items in the report.
  • Sales Quote Disappearing Proposal Data: Fixed issue with disappearing text from the Sales Quote from a Sales lead.
  • Jobsite Map Function: The map function we were using has changed and can no longer be accessed as it was. The map function is now linked to Yahoo maps.

May 9, 2005 R9-585

  • Carrier Package Dealer Warranty Tag Bug: On the Carrier Package form, there’s a button called “Dealer Warranty Tag”. If you click that button, you’ll get the error.
  • Vacation Calculator: The field that is labeled “List Vacation Days In _____ in the Vacation Calculator (light blue forum) needs to get the dates from the actual vacation dates, not from the vacation entry date. We entered a vacation day in 2004 in early 2005. The vacation shows up in 2005 date instead of 2004 like it should.
  • SuperLite and Lite Upgrade: With a converted Lite or SuperLite customer, we get the following error: 2465: Quantrac2005 cannot find the field ’bAddSale’ referred to in your expression.
  • Message Maintenance Bug: Message Maintenance is deleting Archived messages.
  • Widend Date fields in the following forms:

    Equipment form, Equipment installed by Us. Start & Warr Exp Dates.
    Jobsite Form, Equipment installed at this jobsite. Started Date.
    Customer Accounting Form, Paid Invoices Tab, Invoice Date.
    Customer Accounting Form, All Invoices, Inv. Date.
    Customer Accounting Form, Open Credits, Inv. Date.
    Customer Accounting Form, Applied Credits, Inv. Date.
    Customer Accounting Form, Finance Charges, Inv. Date.
    Top Toolbar|Accounting|View Aged Receivables, Invoice Date.

Instructions for download: Please readd all instructions before downloading. Click on the "9.0 Rev 587 Download" link below to start the download. When the File Download window appears click the Save button.

9.0 Rev 587 Download

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A Security Warning dialog box will appear, click on the Save button. Select your Desktop as the "Save To" location.

A download status window will appear. If there is a check next to the "Close this dialog box when download completes" uncheck the box. When the download has completed click on the Run button. This will start the update.



This download includes all enhancements and fixes since release 9.0 publication.

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