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Latest HVAC Office 8.1 Revision

Quantrac Corporation is releasing the latest revision of HVAC Office for all current 8.0 user's.

September 1, 2004 R81-535 Fix

Fixed Contract Renewal/Solicitation report, including customers with maintenance agreements.

April 9, 2004 R81-534 Enhancements

Many of our Quantrac clients have expressed interest in increased connectivity to other Microsoft Office programs. We have discovered a feature that was inherent in our program that gives this desired connectivity. All users of Quantrac 2004, Release 8 can have this new feature at no additional cost. The new "Office Links" feature in our latest revision of Quantrac 2004, build number 534.

With this new feature, users will be able to export any Quantrac report to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel (providing, of course, that you have these Microsoft programs). For instance, you may wish to prepare a special Customer list for outsourcing special direct mail correspondence to selected customers. To do this, first generate and preview the report within Quantrac. Then, click the File|Office Links|Analyze It With MS Excel option from the upper Menu Bar. This will launch Microsoft Excel and fills the data cells in a new Excel file. You can then manipulate the data in Excel for any purpose. Additionally, by clicking on the File|Office Links|Publish It with MS Word user's can now customize the previewed report(s) in Microsoft Word.

March 8, 2004 R81-533 Features, Enhancements, & Fixes

  • Enhancement to Service Tickets: The phone number information was too small to read by service technicians. Make larger and bold.
  • Enhancement to Invoice Items: A "Custom Flat-Rate Repairs" button has been added to the "Edit Invoice Item" screen. If the button is highlighted in red, this indicated that it is included in Flat-Rate repairs. Click on the button to display all Flat-Rate repairs the item is included in. More enhancement to come on this feature.
  • Enhancement to Carrier and Bryant Packages: We have added the ability to add the suffix to the SCA numbers.
  • Enhancement to Parts Purchase Orders: The purchase order notes printed on the parts purchase order is too small to catch people's attention. We have increased the font size in bold print.
  • Enhancement:We have added a report that is a variation of the Open POs (for Parts POs). The new reorder report excludes parts already on order but not yet received.
  • Enhancement to Parts Purchase Orders: We have expanded the entire description field included on the parts purchase order.
  • Enhancement to Parts Inventory: Reorder Report by Supplier: We have added columns to the Inventory reorder reports that subtract any undeceived items.
  • Fix-Add Employee: When creating an employee using a duplicate nickname of an existing employee the system will now display this message "The Nickname:'nickname' already exists in the system. You must enter a unique Nickname for each employee."
  • Fix-Invoices: The "Finance Charge" message was not printing on the bottom of invoices.
  • Fix-Invoice Items and Flat Rate Pricing: If you delete an invoice item that has been included in custom flat rate the system DID NOT generate any warning message that the item is included in a custom flat rate item.
  • Fix-Bryant Package: Click on Customer|Jobsite|Equipment. Click Bryant Package, select Extended Protection, and select Equipment. Error message "Forms!Carrier Pkg Warranty!SF Warranty!Form!" would appear.
  • Fix-Carrier & Bryant Packages: Not able to get customer data.
  • Fix-Setup Parts Inventory, Adjust Inventory: When clicking on the Get Current Cost button. An error message would appear.

Jan. 30, 2004 R8-529 Features, Enhancements, & Fixes

  • Enhancement: Nuts and Bolts:Inserted a "Find Item" field in the Nuts and Bolts form.
  • Enhancement :Increased the size of the Callahan Roach & Profit Strategies Invoice items screen.
  • Fix: Parts Purchase Orders Note field issue- Create a parts purchase order. Add a note to the note field, when you enter in information and save close not completing the purchase order, if you go back in to the purchase order the text you entered is gone. Same 4 Print/Preview.
  • Fix: Invoice Item Setup: The "Find" combo box is missing from the bottom left of the Setup form.
  • Fix: Can't see the total times in the Service Labor subform in the Service Call form. The new data made the table too wide for the form space.

The above are enhancements and fixes that have been reported to us by our client base. Thank you very much for helping us to improve Quantrac 2004. We are continuing to develop, enhance, and improve our product to keep you ahead of your competition.

Instructions for download: Click on the link below to start the download. When the File Download window appears click the Save button.

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8.1 Rev 535 Download


A download status window will appear. If there is a check next to the "Close this dialog box when download completes" uncheck the box. When the download has completed click on the Open Folder button. (This should open the saved location for you automatically) Double click on the file 80RevUpdate.exe. This will start the update.

This download includes all enhancements and fixes since release 8.0 publication.

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