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Latest HVAC Office 7.0 Revision

Quantrac Corporation is releasing the latest revision of HVAC Office for all current 7.0 user's.

Release 7.2 Features, Enhancements, & Fixes

  • Couldn't print a field invoice, gives error "Invalid use of null"
  • Refreshing installation Calls in installations has to be refreshed manually to show new calls.
  • The ability to do "Alternate Billing" on invoice after A/R summary has been restored.
  • Internet mapping function is now available for the prospective customer and job site Sale's Leads.
  • When sending a group page, you receive a error "Too Few Parameters. Expected 1".
  • When deleting the Zip code/or State field you get a run time error.
  • After logging in HVAC Office Lite & Super Lite you get a error " Error setting menu -2147024809"
  • When trying to archive certain services calls you get a error "Overflow"

These are just to highlight some of the major "Bug's" that have been reported to Quantrac after the release of 7.0. Once again thank you for choosing Quantrac Corporation for your Office Management software needs. We are continuing to develop, enhance, and improve our product to keep you ahead of your competition.

Instructions for download: Click on the link below to start the download. When the File Download window appears click the Save button.

7.0 Rev 436 Download


A download status window will appear. If there is a check next to the "Close this dialog box when download completes" uncheck the box. When the download has completed click on the Open Folder button. (this should open the saved location for you automaticly) Double click on the file Rev70-436.exe. This will start the update.

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