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Latest HVAC Office 10.0 Revision

Quantrac Corporation is releasing the latest revision of HVAC Office for all current 10.0 user's.

October 16, 2007 R10-635

  • Sales Lead Text Description Issue: Fixed issue of when adding a installation from a Sales lead, the description from the Sales Proposals does not transfer to the description of the Installation.
  • Sales Lead Text Description Issue #2: Fixed issue of when you add text to the Sales Lead Installation description box, then add a Installation call from the Install. There is a box in the Installation Call screen that says "Copy Installation Description", if you click this button, it will tell you that there is no text to add even though you did add it.

April 11, 2007 R10b-634

  • C/R & Profit Strategies Import: Fixed issue of not being able to import C/R or PS flat rate pricing files into Quantrac.

Instructions for download: Please readd all instructions before downloading. Click on the "10.0 Rev Download" link below to start the download. When the File Download window appears click the Save button.

10.0 Rev Download

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A Security Warning dialog box will appear, click on the Save button. Select your Desktop as the "Save To" location.

A download status window will appear. If there is a check next to the "Close this dialog box when download completes" uncheck the box. When the download has completed click on the Run button. This will start the update.



This download includes all enhancements and fixes since release 10.0 publication.

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