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January, 2015 -

Quantrac Release 11 is now Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatible as well as compatible with previous Microsoft Windows operating systems.  Upgrade is free to all Annual Technical Support Agreement subscribers. Call to learn your subscription status, subscribe, and get the download.


Quantrac 2010 10.0 Released March 2007

March 2007- We are proud to annouce that we have released our newest version Quantrac 2010 R10. We are currently updating our User's guide. For more information regarding the New Enhancements and Bug Fixes please click here.


Quantrac 2005 9.0 ETA February 2005

February 2005- R9.0 expected release date will be sometime this month unless unexpected delays occur. We have completed the setup and upgrade process. We are currently updating our User's guide. For more information regarding the New Enhancements and Bug Fixes please click here.

Quantrac 2005 9.0 ETA Date December 20004

November 2004- R9.0 expected release date will be in the month of December unless unexpected delays occur. We have worked very hard to make improvements, enhancements, and new features. One of our major new feature's will be the Employee Vacation Calculator. This new feature will be available for Super-Lite, Lite, Standard, and Professional packages. Click Here for a preview.

Quantrac 2004 R9.0 In Production

Sept 2004- We are currently in the production of Quantrac 2005 Release 9.0. We are encouraging all Quantrac user's to post suggestions for feature enhancements on our web forum. We work very hard to make improvements, enhancements, and new features for all new releases. Please be sure to reply to other postings if you think it would be a great enhancement for our product.

Click Here for Quantrac HVAC Office Feature Requests

Quantrac On-line Forum

August 2004-We have created a user forum so that our Quantrac users can communicate with each other. We hope that over the months and years, this forum will become very active with users helping users and sharing information. We welcome suggestions that you have here and often use our client's suggestions to improve our product HVAC Office.

We believe that we have the most reliable and user friendly HVAC office software available anywhere at any price. We have worked very hard over the past eight years to insure our company's stability. We know that our customers depend on us.

Again, thank you for your trust and confidence in us and our company. Please help others on this forum to use HVAC Office / Quantrac 2004 to its fullest extent.

Quantrac add's new "Office Links" feature.

April 2004-Many of our Quantrac clients have expressed interest in increased connectivity to other Microsoft Office programs. We have discovered a feature that was inherent in our program that gives this desired connectivity. All users of Quantrac 2004, Release 8 can have this new feature at no additional cost. The new "Office Links" feature in our latest revision of Quantrac 2004, build number 534. Click Here to download the latest update.

With this new feature, users will be able to export any Quantrac report to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel (providing, of course, that you have these Microsoft programs). For instance, you may wish to prepare a special Customer list for outsourcing special direct mail correspondence to selected customers. To do this, first generate and preview the report within Quantrac. Then, click the File|Office Links|Analyze It With MS Excel option from the upper Menu Bar. This will launch Microsoft Excel and fills the data cells in a new Excel file. You can then manipulate the data in Excel for any purpose. Additionally, by clicking on the File|Office Links|Publish It with MS Word user's can now customize the previewed report(s) in Microsoft Word.

Quantrac attends Carrier’s 2004 National Convention

Jan. 2004- The Carrier 2004 National Dealer Convention took place at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Carrier show was a huge success. Carrier executives estimated that 4,500 dealers and their guests attended the show. The Quantrac booth was nearly overwhelmed with interested dealers that want to either computerize their offices or move from other brands of software to Quantrac 2004 HVAC Office. At least two dozen current enthusiastic users also visited the booth to either help explain the software or to view the latest Release.

"In over ten years of attending trade shows, this Carrier 2004 dealer show was the best I've ever seen", said Ken Ridout, President of Quantrac Corporation.

Quantrac 2004, Release 8.0 is complete and ready for delivery!

December 2003- We have completed the programming, debugging, and testing HVAC Office R8.0. You will enjoy the following changes, additions, and new features of our highly-respected program.

On-line Knowledge Base

October 2003-Quantrac Corporation is committed to providing our customers with both the information and the tools for a timely resolution to any technical computer-related issues that may involve the ease and reliability of operation of Quantrac 2000 / HVAC Office. We are pleased to present our new On-line Knowledge Base, which implements a process that integrates knowledge management into our overall work flow. The Solutions have been created through technical support working with customers over many years to resolve their issues. This On-line knowledge base is in addition to our ongoing technical support sources. At any time if you cannot find a resolution to your issue, or simply would rather communicate directly with one of our representatives, don't hesitate to contact Technical Support by clicking on the Quantrac Live Support Icon at www.quantrac.com; or by calling our support center at (972) 271-6898. We are dedicated to helping you whenever you have the need.

Quantrac 2000 Version 8.0 Release Update

September 2003-The EIGHTH release of HVAC Office is almost complete. This release includes a parts inventory package, giving users the ability to create PO's for parts purchases and track the order to completion. The parts quantities will be maintained in Quantrac until adjusted or sold via an invoice. This is a very complicated function (both in real life and computerized). We are working to make it as easy, simple, and user-friendly as possible.

When is Release 8 going to be released? Well, software takes four times the amount of expected labor before release. Then, the manual has to be completed to match the operating system. With that in mind, we are hoping for a release date within the next couple of months. Check back here for updates. We are working very hard to keep your software ahead of the competition.

New On-line Technical Support Service

March 2003-A new FREE on-line technical support option for Quantrac Customers is up and running on our website. In addition to providing a convenient source for technical support and answers to questions, it eliminates the time & money that might be spent on long distance telephone calls. By introducing this enhanced on-line live one-on-one Web chat option, Quantrac now provides a convenient choice that simplifies access to technical support answers, tips, and instructions. As a result of this new free support option, the majority of all issues are resolved the first time a customer contacts a Quantrac support technician, with the remainder escalated to priority support for resolution. Technical support on-line adds a completely new dimension to customer support and provides our technical representatives operating the service with greater awareness of the needs of Quantrac customers which widens their knowledge base." The new on-line technical support service complements the existing telephone support service. Both are manned by our technical staff which operates reliably during our normal office hours. We are proud of our technical support staff and their reliable service to our customers

Carrier Alliance & Bryant Select Dealer Programs

May 2002-Quantrac Corporation has been selected as a national preferred vendor in the Carrier Alliance & Bryant Select Dealer programs. We are pleased to announce special purchase discounts on the entire Quantrac product line to all Carrier Alliance & Bryant Select Dealers. Members will receive a 10% discount on all Quantrac Products! In addition, Quantrac is including the optional Carrier or Bryant package for FREE! Online orders use discount codes: BSelect or CAlliance *All Alliance & Select dealers will be verified.*

New Custom Flat Rate Pricing Module

February 2002-Quantrac Corporation has created a Custom Flat Rate Pricing scenario for dealerships that don't wish to purchase pricing books from other vendors. It allows dealerships to create their own Flat Rate pricing structure and to publish price books based on the actual costs of providing services. This new feature can be used “stand-alone” or can be completely integrated within Quantrac 2000 HVAC Office. This Flat Rate pricing program is already in successful operation at many of our client dealerships.

Quantrac 2000 Version 6.1

July 1998-Designed exclusively for Windows 95/98/NT, version 6.1 takes the next generation of HVAC Office to new heights in performance and reliability. Incorporating more than 50 enhancements and bug fixes, HVAC Office 6.1 will surely keep Quantrac Corporation on the forefront of contractor specific office management software.

Using Microsoft Access 97 as the database engine, HVAC Office is now able to offer dealers the features that they have been waiting for such as lightning speed, an improved interface to 32-bit Windows operating systems such as Windows 98 and NT, and Internet connectivity.

Users will be able to see speeds increase by as much as 30% on some functions over previous versions of the software. Intensive reports and other functions, which used to consume the processor to complete, are now completed much quicker. Additionally, networked computers should notice a speed increase. The server computer, now with more time to process these functions, should respond much more efficiently to network requests.

HVAC Office 6.1 is now available for all new customers. Current HVAC Office users will be upgraded to the pure Windows 95 program later this summer.

Corporate Name Change

July 28, 1997-Quantum Data Systems, Inc., creators of HVAC Office®, announced effective July 15th, 1997 that it has officially changed its corporate name to Quantrac Corporation. Corporate offices are in Garland with an additional regional sales office in Houston. With two offices in Texas, Quantrac can provide quicker sales and technical support to its many customers statewide, as well as throughout North America.

Ken Ridout, president of Quantrac Corporation, also announced their new product, HVAC Office SuperLite for Windows. (All versions of HVAC Office are true Windows applications.) SuperLite is designed for the smaller heating and air conditioning dealerships that wish to computerize their businesses without having to invest in software designed for larger companies. SuperLite contains the tools a small dealer needs to grow their business efficiently including Customer and Jobsite management, Service Call tracking, Equipment logging, and Warranty tracking. In addition SuperLite can be upgraded to any of our other HVAC Office software versions, including the Professional version at any time.

Starting with the new HVAC Office SuperLite ($495.00), we still offer Lite ($995.00), Standard ($1,995.00), and Professional ($2,795.00) versions. Quantrac Corporation’s HVAC Office software was the first Microsoft® Windows® based office management and dispatch software designed exclusively for the HVAC industry.

If you have questions concerning any of our programs, or would like to request one of our demo packets, please call our corporate offices at 972/271-6898 or fax us at 972/278-2863. You can also E-mail us at sales@quantrac.com.

New Sales Manager

October 1996-Quantum Data Systems, Inc., Garland, Texas has announced the appointment of Melvin Strong to sell it’s HVAC software products. Melvin brings with him 33 years of experience in management and sales in the air conditioning and heating distribution business. The latest position as a Territory Manager for a distributor selling a major line of equipment in north Texas. He lives in Mansfield, Texas with his wife and two children.

Melvin’s responsibilities will be sales and marketing of Quantum’s HVAC Office software. He also feels that his experience will enable him to understand and help some of the needs of the contracting business.

Quantum Data Systems, Inc. produces computer software for the air conditioning and heating contracting business. Realizing the need today for a faster, more effective means of running their businesses, HVAC Office was created by an active air conditioning contractor.

Call our Sales department at (972) 271-6898, fax a request for further information at (972) 840-9008, or e-mail sales@quantrac.com.



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