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It's been over 20 years since Quantrac Corporation was founded. That's a long time for a small computer software publishing company. During the years, we've gone through eleven total releases of HVAC Office. What started out as a very rudimentary service dispatch management system evolved into one of the most comprehensive and user-customizable programs on the market. It's certainly the most intuitive and easy to install and use.

In 1992, I was the owner and CEO of Airco Comfort Systems, Inc. in Garland, Texas. I came from a computer background. The lack of available HVAC-specific software was disappointing . A real-time office management program simply didn't exist. Keeping track of customers, jobsites, service calls, installation calls, sales leads, preventive maintenance schedules, etc. was overwhelming, requiring many hours of office staff time. Simply checking warranty status of a compressor in an outside unit would take an hour. We clearly needed to employ the power of a computer. My goal, create a program that could locate a customer's complete history by simply entering their phone number. That's how it began. My good friend and professional computer programmer for Microsoft, M. Sutton, and I began.

We developed the very first true Windows HVAC programs. Other programs tried to run on the Windows operating system, but were actually DOS or UNIX based programs. Ours was based on a brand new relational database program called "Microsoft Access". We wrote the application while we were a beta test site for Microsoft. As soon as shrink-wrap Access was released, we released HVAC Office Release #1. It was an instant hit.

Back then, simply "marrying" two computers together was complicated. When Workgroups for Windows was released, we were the first to use HVAC office on a Local Area Network with a shared database file. Later versions of Windows were more stable and LANs became more reliable. Then came "servers" which allowed remote computing on clients' Quantrac databases.

Carrier Corporation top management even stated, "We've never seen anything like this before!" For many years, Carrier Corporation aided our marketing of HVAC Office. They were such a help that we modeled new enhancements and features around Carrier Corporation programs and requests.

Since my personal experience was HVAC, we limited our program to serving HVAC offices. Probably could have experienced greater growth with versions of the program for all sorts of contractors, but that was not our goal. Our goal was to provide the best and easiest to use HVAC office management program available. Hundreds of our customer agree that we met and maintained that goal. Some first-year clients still use and depend on Quantrac's HVAC office for their day-to-day operation. HVAC Office is a tried and true tool, very stable, very intuitive.

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